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TripleClicks is SFI Shop For the Online garage sales, you can buy, bid on the auction and play games online. You have the possibility to choose from over 90,000 products from merchants from over 160 countries worldwide!

Check out TripleClicks Deal of the Day, Hot Deals, and closeouts for highly-discounted items every day.

Pricebenders Penny Auctions: Bid on and win, you can get the stuff for really low prices, stuff which cost more than hundred of dollars you can get on auction for a price of just a few dollars. Name brand products for a fraction of the retail price. Continue reading

SFI affiliate marketingI joined the SFI Affiliate Marketing Group program in September 2017 as a rookie affiliate marketer. I started with a lot of enthusiasm and become an EA (Executive Affiliate) in just 9 days. I started immediately with launchpad lessons and learn and earn Versa Points (very important stuff, we will get on that later) You also need TCredits in order to bid on PriceBender and you have to spend one TCredit on EZ (Eager Zebra games) to turn the tab to green. And you have to turn all of the tabs to green to qualify for some competitions and enter in them. But we will talk about that later and I will make some tutorials for the novice to go easier in SFI business.

Let’s talk about SFI.

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Bitcoin faucets that Pay

Bitcoin faucets work in a way that paying out a little fraction of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page stuffed with the ads. Some sites pay Bitcoins for looking videos or doing tasks. You will also need a bitcoin wallet like Blockchain or Coinbase , there are also some other wallets but those two are the best. Also, there are micro wallets where you can place and collect your bitcoins prior to getting them to use them. Continue reading

Traffic Exchange with 1,351,000+ members
Easyhits4u: Certainly the best traffic exchange program has been successfully running for 13 years. With good earnings, this program offers over 1 300 000 active users all over the world who can view your website or other content that you advertise. The earnings of your referrals are in five levels, and the payout is when you reach $ 3.00 or more
There are three types of membership; Free, Premium and Ultimate… for more click on the banner.

Best PTC sites

Use Clixsense and Neobux to get cash.

In Clixsense focus your actions on doing as many surveys as you may, you’ll notice them within the surveys section and a few more within the offers section. Also, ensure to complete the Daily Checklist to get up to 16 PF bonus.

In Neobux concentrate on completing as many Minijobs as you may, they’re delivered by Crowdflower and also the more you are doing the more you may be able to do since they need a high-quality score. it’s also necessary that you simply click the four or nine ads that are necessary each day to earn from your referrals actions.

If you’re successful at this then you ought to be able to make some bucks per day, and that isn’t a bad start. To earn even more you can attract referrals and earn a percentage of the actions that they do (at no additional price to them of course). simply create a page like this, and then send traffic to it.


Earn up to $10.00 daily!!

ClixGrid: Click to Win up to $10.00!

Neobux – Full 100% instant payouts for all members since May 2008!

Best traffic exchange sites

Use Traffic exchange sites to get traffic.

Sites, where you can easily earn money for upgrade and then you, can earn some money extra, and good for getting referrals.


The Best Traffic Exchange

best traffic exchange sites

There are some Traffic exchanges that are good for playing VTG game and also to earn some money on them, I use them for both, so with a little effort I won 10 trophies in last 10 games which I played on VTG and also I get enough money on some traffic exchanges to upgrade with that money. If you find some direct referrals for them than you can earn even more. The best TE’s for that are: Froggy hits, Big beach hits, Downline viral traffic, The traffic hotspot, Traffic delivers, Global hits2U, Sotuk traffic, Fortunes traffic, Sunshine surf club and Ant Surf, all of them are giving you the sign for the VTG every 20 to 25 pages surfed, (well some of them to 35 pages sometimes) and even when you play you get some prizes, either credits or cash, the amount of cash depends also on your status if you are upgraded member or standard. If you are VTG fun, just try it and you will see, also try the Traffic browser, with that tool you can play much faster and beat other players to climb to the top.

Well, My Paying Ads (MPA)  a “revenue-sharing online advertising site” which was launched 0n 30th March 2015 by Uday Nara, who is based in Singapore, just passed away, no more payouts no more earnings, payments are blocked. “All withdraws have been canceled, MPA is hanging on by a thread.” Also all today withdrawals are stopped and that is everyday fact. Seems that MPA and MPCA are really become SCAM ponzi scheme sites. Someone would say GAME OVER. Do not join these sites, except if you have too much money to give away.


After underwent Paypal review and lost Paypal, MyPayingAds 2.0 was relaunched in March 2016 and has been running smoothly and generating traffic and revenue for its ever since.

My Paying Ads Revenue Share Plan unfortunately  SCAM!

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The Viral Traffic Games is an external game which gives you prizes in many traffic exchange sites and mailers. A prize icon looking like a shield vtg iconwith the text “Click to play” will randomly appear in your top surfbar. If you click it, a new window will open and it will not disturb any advertising in the surfbar – it’s optional to play.

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