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How BitcoMine works and how to earn bitcoins with it?

First, register here

Every New Member will receive for free 1 Coal Miner for 4 days.
4 days coal mining = 40 000 satoshis for free in your safe Wallet.

Understand the dashboard!

bitcomine dashboard







1.Membership (see here)

2.Earnings from miners. Caution: You’ll only be able to withdraw Bitcoins from Safe Wallet.

3.Earnings from ads view.

4.Points earned for viewing ads: a value between 10 to 30 points each. 

5.The number of members who registered under your referral’s link.

6.Depending on your membership, you will earn from different miners.

Start to earn View ads!

Earn points (10 to 30 points per ads).
All are Forced View Ads.
The more ads you see, the more you will earn.
On your dashboard click on “View Ads”.

view ads





Convert points into Bitcoins.

Conversion rate : 10 points = 100 satoshi.
After clicking on “Convert” those earnings will be automatically sent to your wallet.

Find your active miners!

All your Miners will be shown on the same page.
Find them on your Dashboard, click on “Mine”

miners page





collect mining


Claim your daily mining earning

4 Days Free Coal Miner for All Members!
You have to see minimum 4 ads to claim your minerals each day.
On the Dashboard page, click on “Mine” and see your Miners working.


Cashout your Bitcoins
You can Cash Out once you reach 0.002 bitcoin in your SAFE Wallet.
Check your bitcoin wallet address on setting page , before you claiming your withdraw.

Extra satoshis with Payment Proof

After your cashout, share screenshot at “Payment Proof” panel and earn up to 0.0045 BTC for your first ten payment proofs, after ten payment proofs, continue to post your payment proofs and earn 0.0001 BTC for your each proof!