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Well, My Paying Ads (MPA)  a “revenue-sharing online advertising site” which was launched 0n 30th March 2015 by Uday Nara, who is based in Singapore, just passed away, no more payouts no more earnings, payments are blocked. “All withdraws have been canceled, MPA is hanging on by a thread.” Also all today withdrawals are stopped and that is everyday fact. Seems that MPA and MPCA are really become SCAM ponzi scheme sites. Someone would say GAME OVER. Do not join these sites, except if you have too much money to give away.


After underwent Paypal review and lost Paypal, MyPayingAds 2.0 was relaunched in March 2016 and has been running smoothly and generating traffic and revenue for its ever since.

My Paying Ads Revenue Share Plan unfortunately  SCAM!

Ad-Pack Plan Cost Per Ad-Pack Banner Credits Traffic Exchange Credits Non-Guaranteed Revenue-Sharing Rewards Maximum Number Of Active Ad-Packs
Plan 1 $5 2 100 up to 120% 100
Plan 2 $10 4 200 up to 120% 100
Plan 3 $25 10 500 up to 120% 100
Plan 4 $50 20 1000 up to 120% unlimited

MPA also offers the following advertising options:
Log-in ads, withdrawal ads, paid to click ads, banner ads, text ads, traffic exchange ads, pay per click banner ads.

Sorry, it is a SCAM site.